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Mirth Turtle Mirth Turtle Media

March 13, 2022

Maybe I should market my products using social media

I've had this new technological idea that I think could transform my whole enterprise. With the exponential rise in social media usage worldwide, more people than ever are watching their feeds. Why not have something of mine in that sea of garbage information?

Since it doesn't even cost anything to post a link, or even take very much effort, I could make several posts a day and still stay safely within the limits set by the platforms. Think of how many people might then be encouraged to visit my websites, potentially becoming paying customers. If my spreadsheet of projections is correct, even within an order of magnitude, the revenue generated could finance an electric jet ski!

Since we're on the subject of exciting technological ideas: an electric jet ski is at the top of my list, and if posting links to my own content is what it takes to acquire one, I'll do it.

Okay, it's decided. I'll definitely plan to get on this soon.