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Ummmm... did the bass pump? Okay. Cool. Did the, uh... beat drop? Yeah, no, it's fine, I can circle back

Food eating tip: dip... ๐Ÿ”’ Unlock

Maybe I should move to a new city and re-invent myself like Felicity did... *keeps watching Felicity* oh nooo I'm the Greg Grunberg character

Chess has always sucked

It's my birthday today so to celebrate I'm letting myself go to the Bulk Barn

Charlie update

This orange and white cat is focused on something outdoors.

Some song about a DJ is being blasted from the nearby university and it's making me feel uncool

I put the cart before the horse one too many times and now I'm banned for life at the horseplace

Wrote a browser extension to enforce better Go play on OGS! Also: a spectacular visual effect when games end. #opensource


Navigating to online-go.com in the address bar is a bit annoying because I have to type all the way to the i before it autocompletes

Angling to make one of the Top Ten Saddest Attempts at Business lists of 2023

*Mandolin Rain has been on repeat for an hour* hmm I hope the basement isn't flooding too badly

When it rains especially hard, there's an ~80% chance Mandolin Rain is getting thrown on

Website so heavy it makes the bluetooth headphones stutter

If I ever went on a social-media-based reality show, I don't think anyone would call me a baddie for my use of hashtags

*listening to the Swollen Members* Wow... they're rocking me! My shit's getting blown back. I wonder if I could do it like them... *listens a bit more* Oh, they're saying I probably can't

Okayy! If music REALLY be the food of love, FINE. Play on, I GUESS

An #RSS feed has been implemented! Time for the XML revenue to really start flowing in

Everyone has gas lawnmowers around here! So loud, ugh. Get a pushmower *later* OK what the HELL is that rattling sound

I hate when food is marketed as โ€œfunโ€ like c'mon, it's a cup of instant noodles not Crash Team Racing

Common business advice... ๐Ÿ”’ Unlock

When I mess up currency formatting in Ruby, I don't give up... eventually I'll go for round(2)

I always have at least 2 businesses in my back pocket in case the current one fails spectacularly

At the refurbished... ๐Ÿ”’ Unlock

Got this productivity strategy where I'm not allowed to turn off Curb Your Enthusiasm until I've completed the task