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MERCH Turtle!? Indeed, you can now buy branded goods:


A selection of clothing and mugs branded with Mirth Turtle iconography.

Ruining Happy Hour by asking if instead of 25%-off mozza sticks I can have 1.33333333333x more

*watching a streamer play The Long Dark* SEARCH IT. SEARCH THE DESK

Not to be a downer but in ten years all the β€œI don't want to wear a mask” people are going to be β€œI don't want to grind my food through the microplastics sifter” people

Premium users can... πŸ”’ Unlock

The most obvious example of extraterrestrials infiltrating human corporations would have to be GlaxoSmithKline

Thinking of asking my cool modest friend if I can namedrop them in a conversation

*Felicity goes off the rails in the final season with a time-travel magic spell plotline* ME: damn, this is some compelling Felicity

FELICITY THEME: can you become... can you become... a new version of you? ME, AGE 12: hooooly shit, Felicity's in her underwear for a half-second

Students are moving back into town this weekend and the Red Bull car parked next door does not bode well

Most of my β€œvibe” I can trace back to one formative summer in Italy passively consuming huge amounts of overtly sexual electrodance

If the movie Premium Rush taught me anything about cycling, it's that I should be carrying a huge chain

NO, I am not β€œon the computer all day”. I am on SEVERAL computers all day

*control room operator throws down headset* Fuck! Why did we send a poet

Bitcoin guys would have been really into ivory back in the day

Some days I have to listen to House music for over two hours before I can make myself go to the grocery store

Ummmm... did the bass pump? Okay. Cool. Did the, uh... beat drop? Yeah, no, it's fine, I can circle back

Food eating tip: dip... πŸ”’ Unlock

Maybe I should move to a new city and re-invent myself like Felicity did... *keeps watching Felicity* oh nooo I'm the Greg Grunberg character

Chess has always sucked

It's my birthday today so to celebrate I'm letting myself go to the Bulk Barn

Charlie update

This orange and white cat is focused on something outdoors.

Some song about a DJ is being blasted from the nearby university and it's making me feel uncool

I put the cart before the horse one too many times and now I'm banned for life at the horseplace

Wrote a browser extension to enforce better Go play on OGS! Also: a spectacular visual effect when games end. #opensource