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Got a lot done today. Olympics is such inspiring background noise

There's a bug in the story creator servlet but whatever, moving on #momentum

Writing servlets, drinking beer

Next time I'm out of balsamic vinegar, I'm definitely going to treat myself and get the really good stuff

Solved a coding problem after hours of work; got tingles

Riding an elevator with some office workers yesterday I was struck by how my happiness is no longer predicated on how close it is to Monday

One of my favourite Interactive Fiction adventures by the legendary Andrew Plotkin @zarfeblong -- SHADE


I like scientific calculators. Do you

If Game Dev Tycoon has taught me anything about being a successful game dev, it's β€œStart with $70k”

Found a bunch of ultralight camping stuff and some condoms in an old backpack in the closet. Definitely never went on that trip

Salting these passwords has got me just craving salt

Rage-purged phpMyAdmin

Stayed up til like 3 last night trying to migrate a MySQL database to Postgres. On the plus side I get to cross it off the bucket list

Coffee tastes far better before 7am, but only, I think, in relation to how terrible everything else is at this time

Working on a couple of new interactive fiction-type projects that could be more β€œscalable” than perhaps my previous publications have been

Aww yeah it's housecoat season! #housecoat

Had a fever dream yesterday where the neighbours carved through my living room wall so I took it a bit easier on the programming today

I do love designing databases #3NF

So, you can put sushi rice vinegar? ON ANY RICE

Why not use your Hallowe'en #pumpkin as a makeshift compost bin for the week? Oh right because you cut a face into it

Bake bread and immediately bring it into enclosed public spaces

Another utterly exhausting but invaluable day at #hpxdigital2013 ahead

See you at #hpxdigital tomorrow - I'll probably be keeping to myself, you know, just in the corner or whatever, if you need me for anything

Translating Diamond Find to Ruby for a fancy new web implementation. Because I am Not Done trying to get you to play it yet #unyielding

The amount of Bee Gees I've been listening to these days, my neighbours must think I'm a disco king