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Standing desk has been great for writing/programming/first-person-shooters, but server admin console stuff is 100% armchair work.

Got about 5 minutes into “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs” before I had to turn it off and put on some Savage Garden

Business schools should take all the “Things They Don't Teach You In Business School” articles and just spend an afternoon on them

I'm not saying that I act like @icecube every day, but last time I was at Tim Hortons I fucked around and got a triple-double

Don't know how a hornet of such size got inside, but it's locked in the same room as my phone and it's something I have to deal with soon

This must be what it's like to have a school system / parents that are perfectly satisfied with producing mediocrity. “Great job this week”

“You got some attention with this tweet.” (6 views) Some! Some attention. Some

Emails from Twitter: “Nice. People got into this tweet” (7 views) Nice! Nice. Nice, 7 views, nice, people got into it; nice

The #FTP hashtag appears to be predominantly used to discuss things other than the file transfer protocol

FileZilla wants to update every few weeks, but the process is so easy and seamless it's a joy. I've never noticed any changes though #FTP

I spend mornings sleeping, afternoons running/cleaning/baking, nights working. Direct any complaints to fuckyou@idon'tcare@asshole.biz

That nagging feeling when you know you have something on the clipboard you haven't pasted yet

Debugging led me to a function called checkNonFoundNonPerpetualItemsInLocalEndings(); should have looked there first really

At the point with the app now that I just want to play with it, but nooooo, I have to add social sharing features and a contact form

Don't know why I put off doing up these invoices; gives me such a rush. Set printer to Maximum DPI though so it's taking forever

f.lux is ruining my night productivity, but it feels like I have a fireplace #cozy

Why didn't Poe ever use the “: Bloodlines” suffix for any sequels? “The Pit and the Pendulum: Bloodlines”. It was there for the taking

Also I recognize it is the worst Skymall luxury but one of those dedicated garlic roasting machines would not gather dust in this kitchen

No matter what I create, I know it will never be as beautiful as one of those wooden cutting boards with the checkerboard pattern

Had a HUUGE procrasti-nap! I blame crippling sleep-debt, but I guess that's what happens when you #LeverageTheNight

Dishes washed, laundry done, groceries gotten, accounting all caught up - what can possibly stop a 2-day coding tear now? #embolism

Beat myself against a Java problem for hours last night only to solve it within 5 minutes today. But isn't that always the way

Just to prove I was awake at 7:30am on a Sunday. Good morning everyone

Didn't use Twitter for a few weeks and nothing bad happened

Most of my problems can be solved, in some part, by color-coding