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Last night at 1am I screwed up some accounting but then today I found the problem and fixed the accounting #accounting

Accounting & listening to Amiga MODs. New project in the works.

My Windows machine crashed badly, scanned for an hour, said it couldn't fix the problem, then started up like nothing had happened! #freebie

I have this MIDI version of Mr. Brightside that I play when I'm feeling sad

Whenever I'm working on a project I'm convinced someone will steal my idea & release it first. This is how I get things done. #Paranoia

The #spider has rebuilt its web between a picture frame and Riven walkthrough book so I guess I can stop compulsively showering

OK at some point today I must have put my headphones through the #spiderweb because it is no longer there

A #spider has made its web between my wireless headphone transmitter and pencil basket. Letting it stay for now

I'm only about halfway through but I seriously hope this Water Horse gets what it deserves

Dropping the price on Diamond Find from a reasonable $3.14 to the industry-standard $0.99. Less than a can of tuna!

I'm sticking with Google Reader right to the end. We're savouring our time together #RSS #sadness #hope

Formatting an #eBook while I wait for delicious egg bread to rise - what could be better? #NOTHING #airconditioningactually

I know it's dangerous but sometimes I cross the Armdale Rotary recreationally #halifax

โ€œYou didn't tell me these guys were a Megaforce!โ€ Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon meets, promptly exceeds expectations

Invoices aren't funny but they pay the bills

Get your copy of Diamond Find for #Android before it goes viral! #delusions 85,000 words of speed-reading nonsense


Diamond Find

People who say they listen to everything except rap and country haven't stumbled upon #Nightcore yet. I assume. I'm trying to say it's bad

Bakin' bread; doin' taxes

Before I transformed my life through small business and good eating, I lived with a destructive badger!


Fixed my fucking Venetian blinds

That last tweet got me an #aromatherapy follow! Does that also work if I have opinions on #sports #rap #books #animals #food #transportation

This lavender oil is amazing #aromatherapy #essentialoils #mildsedative #cnsdepressant #conspicuousinpublic #nooneunderstands

It is impossible to get any work done with the Hurt Locker on

Say what you will about #YOLO but it helped me buy some cheese yesterday

I realize now that I stole all of my rhymes from Montell Jordan