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Why didn't Poe ever use the β€œ: Bloodlines” suffix for any sequels? β€œThe Pit and the Pendulum: Bloodlines”. It was there for the taking

Also I recognize it is the worst Skymall luxury but one of those dedicated garlic roasting machines would not gather dust in this kitchen

No matter what I create, I know it will never be as beautiful as one of those wooden cutting boards with the checkerboard pattern

Had a HUUGE procrasti-nap! I blame crippling sleep-debt, but I guess that's what happens when you #LeverageTheNight

Dishes washed, laundry done, groceries gotten, accounting all caught up - what can possibly stop a 2-day coding tear now? #embolism

Beat myself against a Java problem for hours last night only to solve it within 5 minutes today. But isn't that always the way

Just to prove I was awake at 7:30am on a Sunday. Good morning everyone

Didn't use Twitter for a few weeks and nothing bad happened

Most of my problems can be solved, in some part, by color-coding

If you just wanted to go for a walk with me, that's all you needed to say

Oh MacBook, thank you for magically fixing yourself on the way to the Genius Bar and saving me a service bill

Noooo MacBook, why aren't you accepting power from my cable anymore. I need you for lots of things

Did a lot of good Java today. Needless to say, super()

Ugh I ran out of mayonnaise again. I always have to re-evaluate my life when this happens

Finally taking the time to understand and enjoy Curling has I'm sure irreversibly changed the trajectory of my life

This Dark-n-Stormy I made with sugar-free ginger root beer is the only one I've had that's as miserable as the name suggests

That time I threw away a weekend to get a small boating license that never expires WILL pay off one day, you'll see

At the grocery store just now, one product told me to β€œown the taste podium”

If you liked Diamond Find, you'll love my new web platform where you can create your own fractal novels! Beta testing in a few months.

If you're a cool enough detective, you get to spread out all your evidence pictures on the floor of the police office

Got a lot done today. Olympics is such inspiring background noise

There's a bug in the story creator servlet but whatever, moving on #momentum

Writing servlets, drinking beer

Next time I'm out of balsamic vinegar, I'm definitely going to treat myself and get the really good stuff

Solved a coding problem after hours of work; got tingles