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Invoices aren't funny but they pay the bills

Get your copy of Diamond Find for #Android before it goes viral! #delusions 85,000 words of speed-reading nonsense


Diamond Find

People who say they listen to everything except rap and country haven't stumbled upon #Nightcore yet. I assume. I'm trying to say it's bad

Bakin' bread; doin' taxes

Before I transformed my life through small business and good eating, I lived with a destructive badger!


That last tweet got me an #aromatherapy follow! Does that also work if I have opinions on #sports #rap #books #animals #food #transportation

This lavender oil is amazing #aromatherapy #essentialoils #mildsedative #cnsdepressant #conspicuousinpublic #nooneunderstands

It is impossible to get any work done with the Hurt Locker on

Say what you will about #YOLO but it helped me buy some cheese yesterday

I realize now that I stole all of my rhymes from Montell Jordan

Crow saw me undressing today, cawed once

Need I hype Diamond Find more than I already have? I'll maybe give it a week.

What, specifically, is Diamond Find? Well. It's a sprawling mind-excursion where you seek out your very favourite gem of all โ€“ diamonds.

Like diamonds? Start dreaming about Diamond Find, the lightning-fast diamond-finding adventure coming to Android and iOS this fall #diamonds