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Cosplaying as Sirrus at a #Myst conference and getting myself thrown into a β€œprison age” they've built inside a utility closet

I really appreciate, as a Myst fan, how often they test my limits


Will be doing my first foray into β€œstreaming” this Thursday on @FlyknifeComics' channel as we play a game we both love and despise... RIVEN THE SEQUEL TO MYST

Following the tragic death of David Ogden Stiers, it's become at least half as fun to dunk on Myst V Like I almost put β€œthe equally tragic Myst V” but my heart's just not in it anymore

Sorry my phone ran out of batteries I was playing Riven on my lunchbreak #Myst

Cornering the Myst market on this meme format

Myst 3 was definitely the best one. a) Brad Dourif b) the Age w/ the giant marbles is a masterpiece of puzzle design c) BRAD DOURIF

What, Myst? Oh, yeah, it's pretty good

For every 'like', I'll tell you a thought I have on the #Myst series

It seems there's a League of Legends character named Riven and it's really clogging up my Etsy searches for handcrafted Myst garbage

The mazerunner in Selenitic is still such a pain. I'm not going back for that other page #Myst

Kind of want to make a linking book for this iPod Touch for the full experience #Myst kind of like


Definitely forgotten how Mechanical Age works. I guess you have to rotate the tower? #Myst

Mild tobacco/drug references? I guess you do find Gehn's instruments for smoking frogs. #myst

They made Myst AND Riven for iOS! #earlybirthday

I miss Channelwood, but none of my Mysts work anymore