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Sorting through astonishingly cute cat photos and thinking, no, none of these are quite good enough for the group chat

Tried to infiltrate the Cats subreddit but I haven't commented on enough cats yet

My Charlie post was instantly removed, even though he's beautiful.

Does anyone else do β€œbiscuits” on the ottoman like a cat to stretch out your upper back

Accidentally got honey on the cat

Thinking of turning Mirth Turtle into a lifestyle brand by photographing a bunch of hot people wearing my merch while they hold cats

Just like the cat I prefer wet food early in the day (oatmeal) and dry food before bed (toast)

If anyone in Halifax wants to adopt this wonderful snuggly cat that @playerprophet is fostering:


A cat who is not allowed outdoors

Charlie the cat, handsome in his white and orange, gazes covetously outside.

I don't want to play Stray because I don't think I could handle if my cat got hit by a car

When I meet someone's cat and they're all, β€œcareful... he'll scratch you!” like ummmmmm i THINK i can read a cat's body language and respect the boundaries it sets, by scratching me

Data-mining the cat by stuffing an Arduino into his catnip pineapple

β€œLearning to live with” my overweight cat by removing all food restrictions and never weighing him

I like a cat who is portable

Camera looking up at the photographer with Charlie the Cat between. Charlie looks beyond the camera, but at what?

Drinking twice my normal amount of coffee and telling the cat that I'm all FIRED UP

He ended up getting me a bunch of Mr. Browns and some cat treats which were top-notch gifts

Half an hour after you sweep, air currents will have pulled huge bales of cat hair from their hiding places and people will be like, β€œWow, you never sweep”

Had to move the mineral egg collection off the mantlepiece because the cat got jealous and figured out how to get up there

Inserting the cat into a picture of my fresh haircut so it gets more likes

VET: Hmm. Looks like he's very cat-cat. ME: Yes, I tell him quite often. VET: Okay. He's also very muffin one. You HAVE TO keep reminding him– ME: Oh I do

Cats can have little a sheepskin as a treat

Home with the cat today

Your cat would probably enjoy a big block of ice in its water dish and a good brushing

There should be more pop songs about being affectionate to cats

At least 50% of my vacation has been spent pulling the cats off the window screens

The Go cabinet is no longer cat-proof #ExtremelyOnBrand