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*trying to write a LinkedIn post* Problems of computer? why not hire

Dropping all current projects to focus on something called ComputerBike

Genocides Joe and Justin high-fiving because a Netanyahu Alert just popped up on the Lies Computer

Sometimes if the computer takes an extra long time to do something, I'm like, β€œComputer!!”

NO, I am not β€œon the computer all day”. I am on SEVERAL computers all day

Taking β€œvacation” this week by only playing the most boring computer games and not thinking about terrifying AI

Not enough board games use a dedicated computer terminal to drive the gameplay, he said ominously

I must admit I had a Dilbert phase in my early teens... I think the idea of a job where I could drink coffee and be on the computer all day appealed to me

They should make a computer game where you start off with a melee weapon, quickly find a pistol, get an underwhelming submachine gun after that, and then a shotgun

If you need a mental health break, I have some nice relaxing computer games to recommend:

Thought I deserved a treat so I ordered myself a copper ingot using the computer

Partnered with the m3lon kitchen management platform to power my kitchen computer but contractually I had to implement a version of their asinine melon selector


My fun Sunday night project is to repurpose the old wolfOS terminal into a proper kitchen computer. What would YOU want it to do?

I grew up with Amiga computers and every so often get back into emulating them. I will now tell you how awesome they are as I dig through some classic software.

Maybe I should wear more computer science t-shirts to better highlight that aspect of myself

There aren't a ton of jokes in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but I like how they explain how few emails there are on the computers

Holding down 'option' to delete the whole word is probably the most time-saving computer thing I know

Most nights I have no trouble lucid dreaming, but other times, it's like, β€œIt's snowing INSIDE? Weird, someone cover up the computers”