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Charlie keeps cool on this hot day

A hot cat lounges on a blanket

Watching a JUUL documentary and getting depressed that I wasn't cool enough to JUUL when Mango was available

Thinking of asking my cool modest friend if I can namedrop them in a conversation

Ummmm... did the bass pump? Okay. Cool. Did the, uh... beat drop? Yeah, no, it's fine, I can circle back

Some song about a DJ is being blasted from the nearby university and it's making me feel uncool

Being a mobile developer is cool because sometimes your app builds successfully, but with 8000 warnings

A cool paint simulation


Why would you offer this at a discount?! That's so cool

Finally trying out ZBaduk and it is VERY COOL to have world-class AI show me the moves I should have done. Thank you @gogobrugo


Cybernetix is so fun, and smooth, and the theme song rules, and the enemies are cool, and it's SO HARD. Even though it was just some shareware from a couple of guys in New Zealand, it exemplifies so much of what made Amiga software in 1991 great.

Elon Musk wishes he was as cool as this actual hero

If you like @kcgreenn and also factory-based puzzle/skill games, I can recommend Factory Hiro by some cool devs @radzonegames #NotAPaidTweet #IsGoodGame


Listening to funk mixes all day puts my uncoolness in perspective. It's like, I enjoy summertime too, but I almost never โ€œget downโ€ in the sunshine

Jokes aside, it sounds like she was pretty cool & it's sweet that her husband erected a monument of this scale for her

Stumbled upon a #NaNoWriMo kickoff party just outside my work! Met cool writers incl. @Labville & @HSouch and they actually let me say stuff

It is #InternationalLiteracyDay so what better time to promote #Ghostcrime? BTW reading is cool + good for you.


Ghostcrime โ€“ Nothing's illegal when you're dead.

Selling books today at #halcon2015 was great! Met @rockpapercynic, saw a ton of cool costumes, and traded #Ghostcrime for cold legal tender.

If you're a cool enough detective, you get to spread out all your evidence pictures on the floor of the police office