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Got @playerprophet to do an edit-through of Ghostcrime for a revised edition and all her notes are like, β€œdon't capitalize Crime” β€œdon't capitalize Feelings Van”

Do you ever look through all your old pictures and see if there are ghosts lurking in the corners

Sometimes when a ghost rolls an object into the room it's best not to go investigate

In The Novelist you're a ghost haunting a family and manipulating them. Great slow burn


Got my hair cut so people at the gym won’t recognize me as the one who shame-ghosted an exercise class last week because I’m not good at parsing physical instructions

If you're looking for gift ideas, and your significant other likes CanLit, end things quickly and get yourself a copy of Ghostcrime


A ghost and a robot team up to commit the perfect crime in... GHOSTCRIME. Featuring actual code for comedy robots, book club discussion questions & more. Throw a $10 at me and take one. #halcon2018

Please help me move this inventory. Readers have called Ghostcrime β€œfunny” and never once β€œa regrettable purchase”


Whenever I hear about TV's The Good Place, I remember Chapter 1 Page 1 of my finest work, GHOSTCRIME #TheGoodPlace #literature

Had 2 people tell me today that they *loved* Ghostcrime. ONE OF WHOM had been lent the book & wanted her own copy. It was a good day

Rewrote my e-book store this week & now it has 3D book previews! Now's a great time to read Snapback or GHOSTCRIME.


Ready for #geequinox2017! First 10 people who pick up GHOSTCRIME (275pgs) will receive an attractive poster print from @playerprophet

Is this what our automated future could look like? #SpeculativeFiction #Ghostcrime

That thing where you screengrab an article with something already highlighted? It's time I started using it to promote my books. #Ghostcrime

Duties: tell passers-by that GHOSTCRIME is an under-appreciated masterpiece, help me identify cosplays I don't recognize, edit my tweets

I don't advertise #Ghostcrime very often but when I do it's ephemeral

Secret santa #Ghostcrime fan art from @playerprophet! I love it

Stebbins from #Ghostcrime cosplay by @AstOnok ! Incredible #halcon2016

#Ghostcrime will also be available at #halcon2016 if you missed it last year. And it has reviews!


It was a windy @wotshalifax but thanks to everyone who picked up #Ghostcrime! Also to the @halcon_scificon crew who kept the tent tied down.

It is #InternationalLiteracyDay so what better time to promote #Ghostcrime? BTW reading is cool + good for you.


Today only: RT this and 2 more of my tweets & you get a free digital copy of #GHOSTCRIME, my ghost/robot thriller comedy #FridayReads

Some novels have tie-in games, but for #GHOSTCRIME I made a tie-in CRM instead! It's called ghostCRM. #thatsthejoke


Left a signed copy of GHOSTCRIME in the #AgricolaStFreeLibrary for a lucky Friday reader. #halifax #books

Last chance to vote GHOSTCRIME as Halifax's best book of 2015! Vote even if you haven't read it. That's democracy.