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Mirth Turtle Mirth Turtle Social

Love to cram my head under the bathroom faucet every day because apparently sink hoses are only for kitchens

At least *somebody* used the kitchen table this week

Partnered with the m3lon kitchen management platform to power my kitchen computer but contractually I had to implement a version of their asinine melon selector


Taking innovation too far by using my kitchen syringe to inject mayonnaise into a crab flavoured surimi stick

My fun Sunday night project is to repurpose the old wolfOS terminal into a proper kitchen computer. What would YOU want it to do?

โ€œGood Cooksโ€ also might have kitchen designs that promote mise-en-place

*cat is chewing on something* Me: WHAT ARE YOU EATING *I come out of the kitchen having just made toast* Girlfriend: WHAT ARE YOU EATING

#FreelanceSanityCheckIn week 2: Got work. Getting it done. Kitchen is clean.

Also I recognize it is the worst Skymall luxury but one of those dedicated garlic roasting machines would not gather dust in this kitchen