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Back in the early 00's, I built my MOD file collection with CDs like this. But one day, I discovered this wholesome anthology had... secrets

Town of Tunes, a happy CD full of MOD files. The back of Town of Tunes describes the large amount of music contained on the disc. Buried within the folders of Town of Tunes, a TXT file hypes a promotional sampling of racially specific pornography.

One time a coworker told me he scrolled back through every single one of my tweets for Secret Santa ideas but I wonder if he was also seeking to destroy me

It still works! Time to schedule some secret appointments

Photo showing the screen of a personal organizer. Reads "*HFX #THU, 2021 8-5 P 5-50 37". The personal organizer again, the screen reads "Key word?" Personal organizer with a scheduled appointment for "Drugs" on 2021 08-06, P10-30

Gonna get some new batteries and delve into Secret Memory

Determined that my pillows were secretly biohazards so I threw them all away

Recently got back into 1992 Amiga shareware platformer β€œMister and Missis”. It is EXTREMELY difficult, and very ugly. But it's a masterwork in level design, and packed with puzzles and secrets. It's so much fun.

Write Club secret santa party 2019! Featuring L-R @playerprophet, @FlyknifeComics, @cephiedvariable, Denise, @Nicola_R_White, @ShannonLFay, @michellishelli & Jane

Drinking protein shakes in secret so my girlfriend doesn't start thinking me a bro

MASONS: we are a secretive organization ALSO MASONS: hey check out my MASON RING and MASON BUMPER STICKER sorry got to go to the HISTORIC MASONIC LODGE and hang out with OTHER MASONS can't tell you what we talk about though

Today a website made me enter five secret questions/answers. FIVE! I just put in some garbage. Easier to remember one password than five security lies

Secret santa #Ghostcrime fan art from @playerprophet! I love it