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Twitter imploding will finally give me the excuse to throw the #ThatWasASickGoTakedown concept into the garbage... but first, a takedown #SickGoTakedowns #ThatAttemptToPopularizeGoWasMisguided #weiqi #baduk

A go board with a big capture in the middle. Dead stones marked.

At some point I have to tell a guy who moved into the office next door that I've followed his fiancée on Twitter for several years, but it's fine, it won't be weird

I periodically set my phone to French to test i18n for a work thing, but now twitter is stuck and won’t let me write quotation marks that don’t look « like this »

I'd have my ideal twitter handle if it wasn't for this rich idiot

This headstone reminded me of Twitter threads #OldBuryingGround

Got a letter from my ISP, says I've been posting too much wolf shit on Twitter

Ahhh twitter you're alright

Emails from Twitter: “Nice. People got into this tweet” (7 views) Nice! Nice. Nice, 7 views, nice, people got into it; nice

Didn't use Twitter for a few weeks and nothing bad happened