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Scaling time has come

Alright — I’ve completed the Pre-Scale Checklist, so I’m ready to scale my publishing startup. I’ve got a number of financially dormant products I can potentially growth-hack into the profitsphere:

• the Snapback series

Snapback Vol.2 cover

That Go content you crave.

An illustrated adventure revolving around the ancient, extremely popular board game of Go. Digital copies are available behind a paywall – a classic business strategy, but one that requires me to keep writing books if I want to scale it.

• Ghostcrime

A sci-fi horror comedy crime novel about the rise of AI in future Nova Scotia, and what can happen when there are also ghosts involved. As packed with jokes as it is prophetic, this book's success can only increase. Full disclosure: this is the one that I most want to succeed. Please buy Ghostcrime.


Ghostcrime is without a doubt a masterpiece of science fiction.

Ghostcrime also has a software tie-in. Do you need an inexpensive CRM solution? ghostCRM can keep track of your contacts and reminds you about your various obligations. It’s free, though it does shill Ghostcrime at the first opportunity.


Most novels don’t have a companion CRM.

ghostCRM will play an important role in scaling, at the very least by saving me thousands of dollars in SalesForce licenses.

• Diamond Find

A massive interactive story and possibly the most comprehensive text-based diamond-finding simulator available, at over 85,000 words of fast-paced diamond-finding.

Diamond Find title screen

Will you ever find the Ghost Diamond?

Right now it's free, and everyone loves diamonds, so it's definitely, definitely scalable.

• I Found This Badger

A blog about my experiences living with an adorable badger. There’s no way for readers to interact with this blog or put money into it, but so far it’s hooked a few readers who like badgers. Scaling this one may be a challenge, but luckily, I think it can be done.

I will start by writing business algorithms. NEXT →

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Scaling in progress!

Come back soon to see how the next plan hatched.