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Oct 15, 2022

Seed Round

This company's on the cusp of an official launch, and you know what that means – asking investors for money. But none of them are returning my calls, so if you'd like to step up, here's one way: purchasing the Comedy Gold lustrecard.

You aren't just buying metal – encoded in each magnetic strip is 76 characters of pure comedy! That's far more than Visa or MasterCard provides. You'll also get a lifetime membership to the site, which is considered by some to be priceless.

This fresh injection of capital will be necessary for hiring a team of dedicated staff, renting headquarters, etc. I've been watching that show "Industry", and it's given me a lot of ideas about things a business should have. Although: I don't want to be on the phone as much as they are. That industry really needs to learn about email.

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